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Advertising · I spend a mainstream amount of time reading magazines and watching TV, and a more-than-mainstream amount reading the Net. Of all the teeming billions of dollars poured into advertising on all these media, essentially none of it speaks to me. This was brought home yesterday when I was impressed by two ads in one day. They were running this TV ad for Subway (the sandwich shop) that was just incredibly simple and linear: “Unlike McDonalds and the others, we make our bread fresh every day in the store”; with a picture of the oven. I haven’t been to a Subway in decades, but the next time I’ve got hungry cranky kids to wrangle, that’s maybe a good argument for giving them a try. The same evening, I was looking through my newsfeeds, and in The Economist’s excellent Free Exchange blog (yeah, dust off your knee-jerk right-silliness filter, but still) feed, one of the entries was an ad; a simple one-paragraph squib saying there was a special offer for new subscribers. I already subscribe, but you couldn’t imagine a better way to pitch a subscription. Two in one day? That’s the first time that’s happened in years.
Photo Camp and High-End Compacts · At Northern Voice, one of the best sessions was the Photo Camp; the only problem was that, at ninety minutes, it was way too short. I did a little presentation on the state of the high-end-compact market (summarized below), but as usually happens at an Unconference, I learned more than I taught ...
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