I vaguely remember running across it a couple of times a dozen years ago or more, described as an “experimental Web site”. From time to time, when bored, I’d visit jodi.org and often my browser would end up toasted by flailing JavaScript [Warning: it can still happen]. I saw some effects there for the first time that are now in every AJAXian’s toolbox.

I totally can’t remember why, a few months ago, I looked again, but their network map captured my imagination. It’s kind of hard to describe; many of the places on it are gone, and many that still exist don’t really need to. Still, a little poking around may not be entirely unrewarding.

While writing this, I made the mistake of visiting Wikipedia and found a perfectly ordinary entry giving the who/what/where/when of jodi.org. I preferred it when I didn’t know any of those things.


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From: John Cowan (Feb 18 2007, at 23:14)

You have to be either seriously stoned or seriously, *seriously* bored to appreciate that. I gave it about 15 seconds, including time to skim the Wikipedia article. It hurts my eyes, anyhow.


From: Devon Young (Feb 18 2007, at 23:23)

I remember the first time I found jodi.org. I was surfing for something about web design back in early '99 and found this page that had a screenshot of jodi.org taken in Lynx and the guy said the site was supposed to do some weird things in the generation 4.x browsers (which were the mod thing then). So I checked it out. I loved it. It was months before I found out the what/where/when, and though it didn't spoil it for me, I kinda wish I stayed in the dark too. It was also forever and three weeks before I found out what the purpose of http://www.sixteenpages.net/ was supposed to be...which I still play around with every so often. It's very healing.


From: epc (Feb 20 2007, at 10:56)

The map has a very subtle Y2K artifact in the upper left corner.


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