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Things About Australia · Wel­l, we’re home. For a six-day stretch I didn’t touch a com­put­er on­ce. Lau­ren and I reg­u­lar­ly talk about mov­ing to Aus­tralia (she’s lived there), so when we vis­it we al­ways have our eyes and ears open. Here are some ob­ser­va­tions whose on­ly uni­fy­ing theme is a few sum­mer days in Vic­to­ri­a, Aus­trali­a ...
On Linking · In a re­cent on­go­ing piece, I men­tioned the “Canada Line”, a huge con­struc­tion project cur­rent­ly dis­rupt­ing Van­cou­ver. Mo­ti­vat­ed in part by the 2010 Win­ter Olympic­s, it’s a sub­way/el­e­vat­ed train con­nect­ing the city core, the air­port, and ev­ery­thing on the path be­tween them, in­clud­ing a big strip of cen­tral Van­cou­ver and Rich­mond, the sub­urb with the air­port. (It’s called the “Canada Line” be­cause the biggest chunk of fund­ing is from the Fed­er­al, as op­posed to provin­cial or city gov­ern­men­t). Since I’m writ­ing for the Net, I want­ed to link to it. I did a quick search for its Web site, which al­so turned up a pret­ty good Wikipedia en­try on the sub­jec­t. The ques­tion is, which to link to? The an­swer isn’t ob­vi­ous ...
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