The sun on suburban shops on a quiet morning.

Suburban shops in Melbourne

I gather that there do exist distant residential developments here where you have to drive to shop, but everyone I know in Australia is within walking distance of shops. This set includes a newsagent, a grocery/liquor store, a doctor, a podiatrist, a hairdresser, a pharmacy, an alternative-health practitioner, and a junk buy-&-sell.

The shops are basic but they seem to be making a go of it; we’ve been coming to this neighborhood for years and the line-up hasn’t changed much. A few years back when I got a nasty case of swimmer’s ear, the local doctor fixed me up on short notice at a reasonable price.

Note how all shops in Australia come with awnings, set up so that you can stroll along and be out of the rain or sun. It escapes me why this excellent idea hasn’t spread to other locales.

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