This Saturday we took the train out to Williamstown, a waterfront neighborhood near where we’re staying. We found its charm considerable despite the putrid weather, a uniquely Australian combination of grey skies, high temperature, and howling wind.

Nelson Street runs along the waterfront and is mostly restaurants, mostly pretty nice-looking, with a few boutiques selling New Age Nostrums and eclectic music. We ate at The Groove Lounge; I picked it because they were obviously Greek and I have an ethnic prejudice in favor of Greeks as cooks, whatever the genre. I recommend it heartily; the food was perhaps not the most daringly original, but it was outstandingly tasty, and the waitresses were competent, friendly, and cute; they made a big fuss over our baby.

Here’s a picture from the park by the pier, looking back at Nelson Street.

Nelson Street in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

The pier has an old Navy ship serving as a floating museum. Then we walked over to the beach side of Williamstown, enjoying the residential architecture, both old and new; I think Australia may just be the world leader in that department.

It’s been dry:

Williamstown Beach park, Victoria, Australia

The current drought is now into its fifth year.


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From: IwishIwasInOz (Jan 08 2007, at 09:15)

Is that a shark in the bottom right of the beach picture ?!!


From: Tony Fisk (Jan 09 2007, at 16:07)

We had a novel experience down at Apollo Bay last week: it rained!

<i>'The current drought is now into its fifth year.'</i>

On and off, I'd say it's more like its tenth.

The situation can be seen from the downward trend in the <a href="">Melbourne water catchment</a>.

With that bit of doom mongering out of the way, I hope you all continue to enjoy your visit.


From: John Cowan (Jan 09 2007, at 17:43)

You can see why agriculture never appeared in Australia, with its <a href="">El Niño</a>-driven weather, until the Europeans brought it complete with dryland farming technology and suitable grains. Low-tech farmers would have starved.


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