We took the kids to Melbourne Zoo, which is OK if in parts too old-fashioned (but the Australian-animals section is fine). I find zoo animals kind of depressing so I usually don’t take pictures. But there was an attractive red-headed black duck swimming in murky water with its baby chicks—a volunteer I think, not a zoo animal—and they were too cute to resist.

Waterfowl, mother and baby

Are zoos ethical? I think on balance yes, my revulsion is aesthetic not moral.


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From: Michael Strasser (Jan 07 2007, at 22:13)

The ‘duck’ looks like a Dusky Moorhen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dusky_Moorhen).


From: Paul Clapham (Jan 07 2007, at 22:42)

That's a Dusky Moorhen (a sort of coot).



From: Steven Citron-Pousty (Jan 07 2007, at 22:55)

I think those are not visitors but are "exhibits"- I think those are common moorhens which have not been found down Aussie way since the last ice age




From: Anthony B. Coates (Jan 08 2007, at 02:52)

Duck? I think it's probably a dusky moorhen (see, for example


). Cheers, Tony.


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