My writing energy here in Australia is about fully occupied by a writing assignment I took on for O’Reilly; details when there’s something to point to. However, lots of pictures are occurring. Today, Melbourne, inside the Victoria Market butcher section, early on a Sunday New Year’s Eve morning.

Butcher stands at the Victoria Market, Melbourne

The Victoria Market is really quite wonderful. I wonder why we don’t have something like this in Vancouver?


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From: Ryan Cousineau (Jan 05 2007, at 10:00)


Not having been to Oz, I have to say that your photo and the wiki description look and sound very much like the Granville Island market. The butcher, in particular, looks good, but is probably matched in quality by several places in town.

What is the Queen Victoria Market like?


From: Chris Jones (Jan 05 2007, at 11:54)

You're making me homesick - I hope you enjoy Melbourne.


From: Matthew (Jan 05 2007, at 16:31)

It's really the Queen Victoria Market,


From: Geoffrey Wiseman (Jan 12 2007, at 12:06)

Yes, I was going to suggest the same thing -- wikipedia makes this sound a lot like what I remember of Granville market (although the building itself reminds me a great deal of St. Lawrence Market here in TO).


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