Unifying theme: none. Item: Excellent Rails-vs.-Django study. No axe to grind, apparently. No obvious winner, which is news given the Rails hype. Item: Dana Blankenhorn’s Means and ends in open source; very thought-provoking. My guess is that the immense licensing fees driving the bloated sales infrastructures at Oracle, SAP, and friends are small in relation to the whole software acquire/deploy/maintain monetary pie, so the size of the whole industry isn’t likely to change that much. Item: Irving Wladawsky-Berger, grand IBM technology poo-bah, speculates about the future of the 3-D Web in An Unusual Meeting. Speaking as one who’s made two concerted efforts to build a 3-D representation of the Web, I sure hope he’s right. Item: I can read Takashi’s cat’s mind. He’s 100% focused on how he can get in between Takashi and the computer. (Takashi’s amusing post is about “Engineer's 2.0 day-life in the midafternoon”.) Item: From Clay Shirky, Social Facts, Expertise, Citizendium, and Carr; a careful, level-headed thought piece on what it means to be an expert, in the context of Wikipedia and Citizendium. Item: From “jbischke” at Learn Out Loud, a handy list of The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM; we already knew most of this stuff, but it’s useful to have it pulled together, well-argued and in one place. Item: Everyone’s blogging Test your musical skills in 6 minutes!; I only got 72.2%, sigh.


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From: dave glasser (Nov 22 2006, at 13:18)

I don't think the first one is "from Google"; merely hosted there.


From: Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Nov 22 2006, at 13:18)

Actually, the Django/Rails comparison is just hosted at Google; AFAIK that's the end of the relationship.

Here's one of the author's blog post about the paper: http://bright-green.com/blog/2006_11_14/rails_vs_django.html. It appears it's part of a presentation to be given at OSDC.


From: Tim Bray (Nov 22 2006, at 13:52)

Oops; thanks for the correction. Fixed it.


From: Hilmi (Nov 22 2006, at 14:01)

Internationalization seems to be weakest point of Rails (from looking at the conclusions of the document). Good news is Rails will have Unicode support (it's already in development version as far as I know): http://multibyterails.org/documentation/activesupport_multibyte/

I'm aware that Unicode support is not the same thing as internationalization but it's certainly a big improvement.


From: Ben Askins (Nov 22 2006, at 17:15)

Thanks for the encouraging feedback Tim. btw: it appears as if the link to Alan's blog in the comment above is incorrect, it contains a full-stop (period) following the .html extension.


From: Alan Green (Nov 22 2006, at 17:17)

Ben and I put the Rails vs Django paper out there for a bit of comment before we submitted the final version, and were surprised by the attention it gathered. The final paper will be published in the next few weeks, along with the presentation slides. Thanks for the link!


From: Hilmi (Nov 23 2006, at 04:48)

In the meantime, Rails 1.2 RC1 is out with multibyte support that I've mentioned:



From: John Cowan (Nov 23 2006, at 14:07)

83.3%, nyah nyah.


From: Avi Bryant (Nov 23 2006, at 14:43)

Well if we're boasting, 88.9%... I was expecting to do much worse.


From: Hilmi (Nov 25 2006, at 16:57)

The Rails-Django comparison document doesn't talk about it but Rails and Ruby can use gettext too. It's documented here:



From: david carlton (Nov 25 2006, at 20:29)

Every mistake I made in the music quiz was in claiming that the phrases were different when, in fact, they were the same. I wonder what to make of that?


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