A few browser tabs have built up with follow-ons from last week’s Java source code news. The best single day-after piece is Mark Reinhold’s There’s not a moment to lose!; I was on that IRC channel for the “Vijay is on it” moment. Mark also points at Java Posse coverage. I listened to it and ten minutes in was getting dubious, there wasn’t much new news. But about halfway through they started getting technical; as in, is building the JDK more like building Linux (easy) or like building OpenOffice.org (hard)? Listen for details. Then there’s an interview with me in Eclipse Magazine. Two amusing points: when Sebastian Meyen sent me the questions, he mentioned half a dozen different web sites and magazines they might run it in, but not Eclipse mag (Sebastian, it’s just fine); also, contrast the fanciful article title and my answer to the community-models question. Speaking of Eclipse and snickers, there’s Mike Milinkovich telling Information Week that we made the open-source move in reaction to Harmony. Look, Eclipse is an important part of the Java ecosystem, and Harmony is an interesting project with really smart people, but gimme a break. You might want to look past the conspiracy theories and industry tectonics, and consider a simpler explanation. Moving on: I took my daily glance at Slashdot today and damn if there isn’t a great big honking get-the-Java-source-code ad all up and down the right sidebar. I would never have thought of doing that, and I don’t claim to understand the advertising strategy or tactics; but seeing it made me happy. Closing note: You have no idea how much work this has been, for a whole lot of our best people; my hat is off to ’em.

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November 19, 2006
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