I’m having trouble, this dingy Friday afternoon, with episodic random defocusing. I don’t listen to music when there’s a chance of serious work happening; right now I’m tuned into Radio Delíro, whose front page says Radio Déliro, basée sur les préférences musicales de Roland Moreno, est animée et programmée par Sylvain Robert. I’ve never heard of either of M. Moreno or M. Robert, but I sure like the music they pick. It’s deliciously eclectic, which in practice means ridiculously corny sometimes; but in a good way. Just now they were playing the Don Friedman Trio performing You Must Believe in Spring, which is appropriate given what’s going on outside.


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From: Christophe Grand (Nov 17 2006, at 17:31)

Roland Moreno had been granted several patents relating to smartcards in the 70s. In France, it tends to be be pictured as the inventor of the smartcard.


From: Iain (Nov 17 2006, at 20:55)

When you said "Nat Friedman Trio", did you mean "Don Friedman Trio"?

If not, is this the same Nat Friedman as works for Novell doing linux desktoppy things? Because that would be cool.


From: Tim Bray (Nov 17 2006, at 22:19)

Yep, the evidence suggests I must have meant Don.


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