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Java Is Free · When I took the job at Sun in ear­ly 2004, I had a long talk with John Fowler, about this blog among oth­er things. John said: “You might end up hap­pi­er if you don’t blog about open-sourcing Java.” That was then. Today’s sto­ry is sim­ple: Un­mod­i­fied GPL2 for our SE, ME, and EE code. GPL2 + Class­path ex­cep­tion for the SE li­braries. Javac and HotSpot and JavaHelp code drops to­day. The li­braries to fol­low, with pain ex­pect­ed fight­ing through the en­cum­brances. Gover­nance TBD, but ex­ter­nal com­mit­ters are a de­sign goal. No short-term changes in the TCK or JCP. There are a ton of pre­sen­ta­tions and an (ex­cel­len­t) FAQ and so on, all to show up at sun.­com/open­source/­ja­va some­time in the next few hours. I want­ed to add a cou­ple of re­marks on ar­eas that stuff doesn’t high­light ...
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