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Autumn Leaves · At RubyConf, a person I’d never met before said “You should be running more pictures” and he was right, for some reason the camera hasn’t leapt out of my pocket as readily in recent times. But today I was walking down to the store and there was this tree with the sun behind it and the leaves just reached in and pulled the camera out ...
Lost Souls, Documented · On Saturday night I marched in the Parade of the Lost Souls. It was a thrilling evening; I came home exhausted, sore, and happy. It was also extremely well-documented. [Update: Another write-up.] ...
Data that Holds Still · These last few days, I’ve been sketching in some code for an idea I have that you’ll hear about if it works. Unlike most of my recent projects, it’s got no network links or message-passing or socket-munging, it just processes some data and produces some other data. The main difference is, it’s incredibly easy to unit-test. There are lots of network-programming tasks where I just don’t even know how to unit-test, and where you can do it, it takes a lot of extra work and orchestration, and so the temptation to slack off can be irresistible, for me at least. Someone who really wanted to advance the state of the art in software could work on reducing the friction for developers who believe in TDD but have to write distributed code.
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