Check out Reinventing HTML by Tim Berners-Lee. There’s going to be a new HTML Working Group, with a new chair, new charter, new staff contact, new everything. There’s no point me reproducing Tim’s narrative about the charter, but it’s interesting; go read it. I have had a very poor relationship with the existing HTML WG, so I’m hardly unbiased; but given the that the W3C’s impact on HTML over the last few years has been essentially zero, I think that this has to be A Good Thing. [Update: There is related TAG discussion afoot.]


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From: James Snell (Oct 27 2006, at 17:52)

We're a long way off from being able to determine whether this is a good thing or not. Personally, I'm going to remain respectively skeptical.


From: Etan Wexler (Oct 28 2006, at 08:44)

“Hades”, indeed.


From: James (Oct 29 2006, at 22:52)

Joe otoh argues WCAG are in more desperate need of fixing


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