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IBM vs. Amazon · The In­ter­net has been amaz­ing­ly qui­et about IBM’s lit­i­ga­tion against Ama­zon. It feels to me like maybe the biggest In­ter­net sto­ry of, well, may­be, ev­er. I haven’t gone and read the IBM patents yet, be­cause read­ing patents al­ways de­press­es me. If the ti­tles mean any­thing (not al­ways a sure bet), this might mean that IBM has fi­nal­ly man­aged to fig­ure out how to set up that In­ter­net Toll­booth that we’ve al­ways been afraid of. If you’re in­ter­est­ed in “Presenting Ap­pli­ca­tions in an In­ter­ac­tive Service”, “Storing Da­ta in an In­ter­ac­tive Network”, “Presenting Ad­ver­tis­ing in an In­ter­ac­tive Service”, “Adjusting Hyper­text Links with Weight­ed Us­er Goals and Activities”, or “Ordering Items Us­ing an Elec­tron­ic Catalogue”, ap­par­ent­ly IBM thinks you need to pay them for the right to do any of those things. If the courts agree with them, it’s time for me to find a new line of work. [Up­date: David Ber­lind is the first jour­nal­ist to get off the mark and start spelling out the im­pli­ca­tion­s. The In­ter­net as we know it could be over.]
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