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SAMP · If you’re run­ning any of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Per­l, or Squid on So­lar­is, trot on over to the Cool Stack space and pick up the lat­est super-optimized build­s, now for x64 as well as SPARC. Hey guys, how about Ru­by and Python? And some­day (hope­ful­ly soon) we’ll be do­ing it with apt-get and won­der­ing what this pkgadd thing used to be.
Starting Up! · Yow, I just looked at the Start­up Camp sign-up sheet and if you want to go, you bet­ter get on the list PDQ. Of the names that are there, I rec­og­nize al­most none; which is ex­act­ly the idea. I asked David Ber­lind why peo­ple who are com­ing wouldn’t want their names to show, and he says two rea­son­s: stealth-mode star­tup­s, and peo­ple with jobs who are look­ing for an­oth­er one.
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One Way or Another · Don Park makes his blog go fast by ap­ply­ing WhirlyCache to the DAO lay­er, slip­ping in a trans­ac­tion lay­er to re­duce database in­tegri­ty cor­rup­tion, and us­ing aspect-oriented pro­gram­ming tech­nol­o­gy via the Spring frame­work, with the help of Ja­va an­no­ta­tions to mark trans­ac­tion­al meth­ods and class­es. Yow! My ap­proach is to have Apache serve stat­ic da­ta out of the filesys­tem. What­ev­er; faster is bet­ter.
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Ubuntu Baby · What hap­pened was, we had Kerith over to take some re­al fam­i­ly por­traits (they came out great) and when I scanned her neg­a­tives, there were gi­ga­bytes of pix­els that I didn’t re­al­ly want to copy around the net­work, so I thought I’d drop ’em on a DVD. This frag­ment com­bines Open Source serendip­i­ty, Microsoft-bashing, and adorable ba­by pho­tog­ra­phy ...
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