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Oooh, Cédric · That’d be Cédric Beust, who, writ­ing both in my new com­ment sys­tem and his own space, de­claims “The bot­tom line is that IDE’s for dy­nam­ic lan­guages will *n­ev­er* be able to per­form cer­tain refac­tor­ings, such as renaming” and asks “Who wants a refac­tor­ing IDE that ‘works most of the time’?” He clos­es with a ma­jor dynamic-language dis­s: “I'm con­vinced that they are not suit­ed for large-scale soft­ware development”. Ob­vi­ous­ly a fun-loving fel­low. Geek girls and boys, I think that man is get­ting in yo face.
Interview, with Snarls · James Gray of Lin­ux Jour­nal has pub­lished a lengthy email in­ter­view with me. Those who vis­it on­go­ing reg­u­lar­ly won’t find much to sur­prise them; but I did take the chance to ful­mi­nate about das­tard­ly DRM and Microsoft’s odi­ous Of­fice XML. And now that I think of it, I’ve been stingy with the polemics around here re­cent­ly, maybe a lit­tle bland even; aren’t blog­gers sup­posed to be ruth­less at­tack pup­pies? It’s hav­ing a cute lit­tle girl ba­by around that does it I guess.
Size Matters · 1700m­m, 256kg. That’d be the Zeiss Apo Son­nar T* 4/1700. Oh my good­ness gra­cious.
‘Waterlily’ Autumn Crocus · We came back from the Botan­i­cal Gar­den with pic­tures; along with that Gun­nera, there was this dra­mat­ic pink flow­er that I want­ed to run but couldn’t re­mem­ber what it was, so I asked Daniel Mosquin, the main man be­hind Botany Pho­to of the Day, and he told me; it has two pret­ty names, of which one ap­pears above ...
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