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Dynamic-Language IDEs · I was reading Pat Eyler’s interview with the JRuby guys (that’s part 2, Part 1 is good too); and I had an idea about building IDEs for dynamic languages like Ruby ...
Upcoming Gig: W-JAX · I thought I might make it through 2006 without crossing an ocean, but I just signed up for a keynote at W-JAX in Munich in November. I’ve never been to this conference, but my Sun colleagues say good things about it.
Upcoming Gig: SEC · This has been booked for months, but I just found out that it’s an open-announcement thing. I’ll be participating in an Interactive Data Roundtable at the US Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington DC on Wednesday Oct. 3rd. The SEC’s Interactive Data initiative is, I think, going to be huge. As an investor, a businessman, and an open-data fan, I’m 100% sure that it’ll pay back the investment many times over.
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Upcoming Gig: Startup Camp · This should be serious fun; I was in on the initial discussions, but the people at Sun went out and got David Berlind to help and now there’s going to be a Startup Camp Nov. 2-3 in Mountain View, and I’m going. Come along and pitch in!
Upcoming Gig: Zend PHP Conference · I wonder how many people will attend both a Rails and a PHP conference this year? I’m one of them; I’ll be at the Zend/PHP conference, joining in a session moderated by O’Grady called Panel Discussion: How Do The Stacks Stack Up?; should be fun.
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