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Licensing Modes · Mark Pilgrim’s Wait­ing for the rev­o­lu­tion has been rat­tling around the back of my brain the last few days. Mark ar­gues, and his ar­gu­ment seems aw­ful­ly co­her­ent to me, that the “NonCommercial” op­tion on Creative Com­mons is in­con­sis­tent with be­ing an Open-Source par­ti­san. I won­der if I’m weird, be­cause I dis­cov­er that my at­ti­tudes to­wards code and non-code are dif­fer­en­t. The no­tion of re­strict­ing any­one from us­ing code I con­tribute to feels en­tire­ly for­eign, and if they want to use it to make some mon­ey, good on ’em. But I have strong neg­a­tive feel­ings about oth­er peo­ple mak­ing mon­ey from my words or pic­tures with­out in­volv­ing me. (Not that I or any­one else have ac­tu­al­ly made any re­al di­rect mon­ey from on­go­ing fod­der.) In the time that on­go­ing has been on the air, I’ve snarled a cou­ple of re­pub­lish­ers off the air, with­out even think­ing about it. Call me a greed­head. And con­trol freak. That’s on top of be­ing delu­sion­al about the po­ten­tial val­ue of these elec­tron­s.
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