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War Pigs · Item: Ehud Olmert says “The claim that we lost is unfounded. Half of Lebanon is destroyed; is that a loss?”
Item: Charles Krauthammer calls for war with Iran: “The decision is no more than a year away.”
Item: George W. Bush asks “What does that mean, ‘outrages upon human dignity’?”

Wikipedia: Resistance is Absent · What happened was, I went to check out the new Microsoft search engine at live.com (it’s not bad), and I started by looking for myself. I was kind of surprised when my Wikipedia entry came in ahead of ongoing. (Wikipedia’s #2 at Google and Yahoo.) I’m seeing this pattern of Wikipedia inching up the search-result charts for a whole lot of things. Search-result rank, on the Internet, more or less equals Authority. So this trend has to worry the anti-Wikipedians. It worries me too. Maybe it could be reversed, but I don’t think so. [Update: Byron Saltysiak suggests a more positive aproach.]  ...
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