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Get Yer SAMP Stacks Here · One of the nice things about working for a big company is that sometimes you run across smart people doing smart things that you didn’t know about. For example, check out the CoolThreads Optimized Open Source Software Stack (thank goodness, they also use “Cool Stack”). I don’t know who these guys are, I don’t know where they are, someone just pinged me and said “Look what’s popping up on the blogs” (Gene Saunders, Dwayne Lee). Summary: Apache and MySQL and PHP and Squid, in various combinations, all 64-bit builds optimized to the max with with the Studio compilers, which should be way faster than gcc builds. Looks like somebody just saw an opportunity and Did The Right Thing; good on ’em.
Terror, Air Travel, Schneier · The world probably doesn’t need too many more blogs saying “What He Said”, but, well... What Bruce Schneier said.
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