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RAD VIII: Surface Phenomena · [RAD stands for Ru­by Ape Diaries, of which this is part VIII.] Pro­gram­ming is sup­posed to be an en­gi­neer­ing dis­ci­pline, or maybe a branch of math­e­mat­ic­s. But, as Don Box mem­o­rably said: “the on­ly peo­ple who should do it are those who can't not do it”, call­ing us “those few peo­ple who ab­so­lute­ly must live in the world of ex­e­cutable abstractions”. One con­se­quence is that we’re pas­sion­ate about the con­tent and the for­m. Here­with some re­marks on ap­pear­ances; the way Ru­by code looks and how you store it and so on; is­sues as im­por­tan­t, per­hap­s, as any oth­er ...
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