This fell out of a conversation at JavaOne, which, these days, is more or less the heart of the IT Establishment; we were wondering what the equivalent event might be for everyone else in the world. I said it ought to be an unconference or a camp or something along those lines, so there was more talk, some of it with David Berlind, who’s launched the very successful MashupCamp series. Now we’re seriously considering an Autumn event in the Bay Area. I wanted it to call it “Scaling 2.0”, but the consensus seems to be for “Startup Camp”, since the idea is to address people who are building new things from scratch, as opposed to working in the existing application space. Here’s an address: Would you come? Is the idea lame-brained? If we do it, is there something we should be careful to do or not do? Let us know.

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August 25, 2006
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