On Thursday, my Mother made the best pie I’ve ever eaten. I suspect that there are many people who’ve never actually eaten a good fruit pie made that day with fresh ingredients, traditional methods, and love. This was an apple pie, the apples extremely tart; the filling electric with fruit and cinnamon and the pastry divinely crumbly on the tongue; words can’t begin to describe it. I’ve included the recipe.

The recipe takes the form of an MP3 (also appearing as a podcast in my Atom feed): Jean Bray’s Apple Pie Recipe (6:03). It was just Mom and I sitting on the sofa recording through the Mac’s built-in microphone, so the audio quality is terrible. But it’s the only place in the world where this unique creative formula is recorded. And if you can find some really good tart apples and master the technique (which is nontrivial), you’ll forgive the sound issues.

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August 25, 2006
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