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Announcing · To­day, we an­nounced some faster server­s; I’m not a big-SPARC guy so the one that makes my heart go pitter-pat is the new Ul­tra; I just spent a week liv­ing on a year-old Ul­tra and while it’s damn fast, I man­aged to make it breathe hard with both JRu­by and the Gim­p. What’s more in­ter­est­ing is the PG&E re­bate. Check it out, but what’s even more in­ter­est­ing, to me, is that there are three ways you can read about it: Jonathan’s blog, the Sun.­com page, and the of­fi­cial press re­lease. The blog is the most in­ter­est­ing, with the Craigslist ref­er­ence and and the highway-rules con­tex­t. If you want de­tail­s, the Sun.­com page is OK, with some sam­ple cal­cu­la­tions and so on. Which leaves the press re­lease. It seems to have been care­ful­ly de­signed for un­read­abil­i­ty, its me­an­der­ing sen­tences stud­ded with com­pa­ny chest-pounding and its stilt­ed, committee-compromise quotes (even those from smart, gen­uine peo­ple like Dave Dou­glas) that no hu­man voice would ev­er ut­ter. Hav­ing said that, the press re­lease con­tains some use­ful facts that aren’t in ei­ther Jonathan’s write-up or the Sun.­com page. We (the world I mean) need to do mar­ket­ing bet­ter.
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