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Economist Trouble · I am a long-time reader of The Economist; I give subscriptions to several of my loved ones every Christmas, and regard it as the most compact and efficient way to be reasonably well informed about the world’s realities. One has to route around their reflexive ideological filter (“Well, maybe child labour isn’t that bad if the market wants it”), but still, the quality of writing and thinking is generally very good. In the last couple of years, though, there’s been a slow steady trickle of horrid editorial lapses; some things can apparently make it onto the page without having passed through an intelligent person’s mind. This worries me, since I’d find it hard to replace if it went bad ...
Totten Under Fire · The remarkable Michael Totten, whose on-the-spot Middle East reportage I’ve recommended before, spent a day driving around the middle of the current war, and took lots of pictures. This is remarkable reporting; why isn’t the mainstream media doing it? Anyhow, consider hitting his tip jar.
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