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ORM Bien Phu · I thought the laugh line “Object-Relational Map­ping is the Viet­nam of Com­put­er Science” was an­cien­t, but Ted Ne­ward claims that he made it up in 2004. Ted has writ­ten an im­mense, de­tailed, es­say on the sub­jec­t, The Viet­nam of Com­put­er Science, which, just to be thor­ough, in­cludes a cap­sule his­to­ry of the Viet­nam con­flic­t. This ought to be re­quired read­ing for all Com­put­er Science un­der­grad­s, so they’ll at least be fore­warned be­fore they stum­ble in­to their own pri­vate South­east Asi­a. Bonus: in the com­ments, the first com­menter asks “If ORM = Viet­nam, does SOA = Iraq?”
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