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The Sweetest Thing · Our ba­by girl, two months old to­mor­row, has learned to smile. She’s still learn­ing to steer her eyes and fo­cus, so you have to get your­self po­si­tioned around where she’s look­ing. Then the eyes widen and the whole lit­tle face lights up. Stone would melt. The pro­cess is not ful­ly per­fect­ed: the smile oc­ca­sion­al­ly veers out of con­trol in­to a lop­sid­ed ine­bri­at­ed tooth­less leer, and then some­times she’ll beam sud­den­ly at the back of a chair or a piece of brick wal­l. The evo­lu­tion­ary be­hav­ior­ists can please just butt out.
Code Typography · I’ve been hav­ing fun writ­ing Ru­by (and I’ll post some thoughts on that, and the code, soon) and one of the things I’m try­ing to do is be id­iomat­ic. I haven’t ful­ly in­ter­nal­ized where to use paren­the­ses and where not to; but I’ve come to ap­pre­ci­ate the virtues of leav­ing them out; one of the rea­sons that Ruby’s so easy to read is that there are few­er ty­po­graph­ic squig­gles to break up the flow of mean­ing­ful tex­t. Al­so, hav­ing done most­ly Ja­va for some time, I use low­erCamelCase method names. But af­ter some days soak­ing in the Ru­by ethos, those names are start­ing to feel re­al­lyKindOfOverEx­cit­ed and I’m warm­ing to Ruby’s cool_mea­sured_rhythms in­stead.
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