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Contribution and Experience · “User-Generated Content” is an ir­repara­bly ug­ly and bro­ken phrase. First, we’re peo­ple, not “users”. Se­cond, peo­ple write and speak and de­sign and com­pose and sing and play and build and earn and pay; ma­chines “generate”. Third, it’s words and pic­tures and sound and mon­ey, not “content”. The trou­ble is, we need la­bel­s; short ones that still say some­thing. Say, con­tri­bu­tion and ex­pe­ri­ence? The Net (re­al­ly, tru­ly) is the sum of bil­lions of con­tri­bu­tions from mil­lions of peo­ple, and that’s all that’s in­ter­est­ing about it. Peo­ple con­tribute at the edge, and ex­pe­ri­ence the con­tri­bu­tions at the edge. (Ex­pe­ri­ence, not con­sume; the dif­fer­ence is ob­vi­ous). The Net itself’s a con­tri­bu­tion, by hu­man­i­ty to hu­man­i­ty, the en­gine of fu­ture con­tri­bu­tion and ex­pe­ri­ence. The Net’s not fin­ished of course; con­tribut­ing and ex­pe­ri­enc­ing, both of them, are too hard and awk­ward and slow.
woof! is My Hero · I have of­ten griped about Mail.app’s completely-braindead se­lec­tion be­hav­ior (for ex­am­ple here), and in John Gruber’s ex­cel­lent Stand­ing in Line With Mr. Jim­my, he agreed. John al­so ar­gued that the way to fix this kind of prob­lem is not, as I pro­posed, for Ap­ple to open-source its app­s, it’s for them to be suf­fi­cient­ly script­able that you can just put a ban­dage over this kind of bleed­ing neck wound. Wel­l, some­one has. The blog’s called woof! and it’s at “end.com/speth”. While its au­thor­ship is care­ful­ly un­claimed, my awe­some pow­ers of de­tec­tion aid­ed by fif­teen sec­onds at the near­est search en­gine sug­gest that one Jim Speth is da man, or maybe da dog. I in­stalled the patch and it work­s. Hey Ap­ple, get a clue and just stop this pain. Mr. Speth, next time we’re in the same town, beers are on me. Does this mean John Gruber’s right? May­be; but Ap­ple would still come out ahead by open-sourcing its app­s.
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