The commentary is voluminous and I don’t think I have much to add, so I’ll keep my contribution short. Directing military force in such a way that it kills hundreds of civilians is unacceptable behavior, and any group, tribe, or nation that does so loses all moral standing. Those who are defending this behavior need to have a close look at the axioms and arguments that lead them to such a deeply broken conclusion. Once again: Military violence against civilians is wrong. If you want more editorializing, my brother Rob does it well. Item: Ze’ev Schiff has some insights into Israeli strategy. Item: Last year, Michael Totten went up-close and personal with Hezbollah. Item: BBC video from the scene. Item: CNN on the scene, with a picture of a pretty little girl. I salute the professional journalists who go to these places and take these pictures and write these stories; we are all in their debt. “The truth will make you free” they say, which is too strong, it’s a necessary but not sufficient condition. Item: From the Guardian, a little-girl picture of a different kind, with interesting discussion. Item: A letter from the American University of Beirut campus, where I used to live, which makes some interesting points about what “victory” might mean. Item: Speaking of victory, check out Why the Strong Lose, by a professional American military theorist. It’s made me think a lot about the shape of the future.

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July 22, 2006
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