In Java, you’d say new Pony("black"), and the pony is made by Pony(String color). In Ruby, you’d say"black") and the pony-maker is initialize(color). In Python, you’d say Pony("black") and the pony-maker is __init__(self, color). I wonder which is best? Does all this seem kind of ad-hoc? Anyhow, in real life, a Java programmer would start with an AbstractEquineBreederGenerator and work from there. And for Ruby you’d be able to say mySpecialPresent.get do | pony |, and it would clean up the pony poop for you (but the pony would be named Kurofune). Python programmers are Serious Men and Women who Don’t Have Time For Ponies. [Update: The email is already swirling in. Stand by for another virtual comments section.]

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July 20, 2006
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