Just a picture of some pretty clouds over a mountain from an airplane, with a mildly funny story.

Mountain in the Rockies under clouds

This was on a recent flight from San Francisco back to Vancouver; I was writing something and editing some photos, and actually saw these nifty clouds coming up quite a ways ahead, and made a mental note to have the camera handy.

Unfortunately, I accidentally hit some magic keystroke (command-F5, I later found out), which turned on Mac OS X’s “voice over” accessibility feature, and there was this droning insurance-agent voice in my headphones, louder than the music, telling me where my mouse was going and what menu I was pulling down and what app I was switching to. I was completely rattled and started frantically working through the System Preferences, with audio commentary of course, to Make My Damn Computer Shut Up.

Then I realized the mountain with the clouds was vanishing behind the wing and was swearing at the camera as it laboriously turned itself on and got ready to shoot.

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July 16, 2006
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