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Another Baseball Proposal · Back in Ju­ly 2004, I wrote about go­ing to a base­ball game with fire­work­s, and a mar­riage pro­pos­al un­ex­pect­ed­ly break­ing out on the field. I guess this must be some­what of a tra­di­tion, be­cause it hap­pened again this last Cana­da Day, where, once again, I took fire­works pic­tures. On­ly there was a dif­fer­ent spin this time, and I got pho­tos of the pro­pos­al too. I thought the whole thing was too tacky to write up, but the pic­tures have been play­ing on my mind ev­ery time I go past them in the July-pix fold­er. And the sto­ry is not en­tire­ly with­out in­ter­est; so make up your own mind ...
Boundaries · “This town was named af­ter a mi­nor Dos­toyevsky character...” is the be­gin­ning. The Land­scape — Mar­fa, Texas Pt. 1 is by David Byrne and it’s re­al­ly a must-read, rang­ing through land­scape and mu­sic and bound­aries of var­i­ous kind­s. By the way, Mr. Byrne needs an Atom feed; re­cent­ly some­thing changed and in my news­read­er, his pieces are full of raw HTML markup and sans im­ages.
Feed Format Kitten Fight · Like your syn­di­ca­tion pol­i­tics tasty and fresh? Head over to DeWitt Clinton’s Un­to.net and read On RSS and Atom. Clinton’s at A9, Amazon.com’s Sil­ly Val­ley search-wonk caul­dron, and his stuff keeps com­ing across my radar in re­cent week­s. Any­how, he has what seems to me a clear-eyed and dis­pas­sion­ate eval­u­a­tion of the feed-format choic­es fac­ing im­ple­men­tors these days. There is one place he gets it back­ward, say­ing: “I’ve been con­sis­tent­ly im­pressed with how well the au­thors of the Atom syn­di­ca­tion for­mat an­tic­i­pat­ed the needs of the ad­vanced con­tent syn­di­ca­tion community.” No; Atom’s de­sign re­flects the back­ward-looking ex­pe­ri­ence we got in the last few years of work­ing with RSS; it turns out that the fu­ture is some­what like the past. But don’t stop when you get to the end of DeWitt’s piece, there are dozens of com­ments, most of them in­struc­tive, com­ing at the is­sue from all sorts of di­rec­tion­s. Scoble pushed back at length, fol­low the point­er from his com­men­t. Some­one who signs him­self “Raja” has an aw­ful­ly fa­mil­iar style. And a fi­nal note: when Mr. Clin­ton talks about XML, for ex­am­ple an RSS <description> el­e­men­t, he says <description/>. Now, that’s the kind of pedantry I can re­late to.
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