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Atom Newsreel · I work on lots of different things, but Atom is the most important, don’t you forget it. Item: Atom 1.0 isn’t even a year old and it already has its first standardized extension, for feed threading; announcement chez James Snell, who did most of the work. Item: Bloglines has resumed work on their Atom 1.0 parser, and it’s considerably less broken than it used to be. You can actually use it to read my Atom feed and it no longer messes up the white space. The relative-link handling still needs work, though; my pictures don’t show up, and some internal links are broken (not all... puzzling). Anyhow, good on ya guys, this is the right direction. Item: The working group just published Draft 9 of the protocol (official and HTML versions). My opinion is that nothing in here will change much, and there will be a couple of very small additions, and then we’ll go for IETF last call. For Atomic pedants, the change here is what happens when you post something that isn’t an Entry, like for example a movie or a picture.
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