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38 Weeks · Every­thing hap­pens at on­ce. The preg­nan­cy draws heav­i­ly to its end, the house is be­ing ren­o­vat­ed (we need an­oth­er room), the kid’s in base­ball play­offs and re­hears­ing for his sum­mer fes­ti­val and school is wind­ing down. Work’s busy, too ...
BTL · I al­ways have a big in­put queue of things I’d like to write about, but nev­er enough writ­ing time to drain it. So I try to spend that time on things where I’m in new ter­ri­to­ry or mak­ing an orig­i­nal point, rather than point­ing to some­thing out there, how­ev­er ex­cel­len­t; be­cause any­thing that’s wor­thy of link­age will have picked up some, even if it’s not from me. In re­cent month­s, I’ve no­ticed that an un­rea­son­able num­ber of things I’d like to have linked to have been from the BTL blog over at ZDNet; Far­ber and Ber­lind do a re­mark­able job of dig­ging out in­dus­try trends and events, and then adding val­ue by say­ing smart things about them. And this mat­ter­s; for a cou­ple of years there I thought the com­put­er trade press might self-destruct com­plete­ly. To be sure, it’s a pa­thet­ic shad­ow of its for­mer self, but I sure hope the re­main­ing few points of light are self-sustaining; be­cause our busi­ness needs its pro­fes­sion­al sto­ry­teller­s. Along with BTL, I re­ly most heav­i­ly on Jon Udell and, these days, ars tech­ni­ca.
Stop the Metaphors! · Rich McManus says the Web is a plat­for­m, and re­ports that per Ar­ring­ton, it’s an OS. I think this whole menagerie of metaphors around the Web has nev­er been help­ful and we should just stop dream­ing them up. The Web isn’t a plat­form or a database or an API or an OS a cloud or a click­stream or any oth­er of those things. In fac­t, the Web isn’t even a thing, it’s a mesh of agree­ments with a nice straight­for­ward en­gi­neer­ing rule­book. Play by the rules and you can be part of it and build some­thing great, strug­gle against them and you’ll look lame and you’ll fail. But don’t try to analo­gize it; some­times the world has new things in it and you just have to deal with them as they are.
Edmonton vs. Carolina · I was born in Ed­mon­ton and have roots there, thus I’m firm­ly par­ti­san in the cur­rent Stan­ley Cup cham­pi­onship se­ries; any­how the no­tion of a cham­pi­onship hock­ey team from Caroli­na seems all wrong some­how. For con­nais­seurs of hock­ey and of fine writ­ing you can’t beat Col­by Cosh, who bleed­s, uh, what­ev­er colour cor­re­sponds to Ed­mon­ton. His hand-rolled duct-taped blog­ging sys­tem doesn’t ex­tend to twenty-first cen­tu­ry frip­peries such as perma­links, but here are tem­po­rary links to his cov­er­age of the five Edmonton-Anaheim games: 1 2 3 4 5. Cosh’s RSS feed doesn’t ac­tu­al­ly work to the ex­tent of be­ing able to click on the en­tries (in my ag­gre­ga­tor at least) but I sus­pect his write-up on the cur­rent se­ries will be defini­tive. He al­so serves as an ex­is­tence proof that not all right-wing Al­ber­tans are parochial hick­s. The first game just end­ed; the last-minute lapse was ap­palling, but if Hur­ri­canes goalie Cam Ward stays that hot, the Oil­ers are toast any­how.
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