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Bloglines · So, Blog­lines has launched their blog search thing and, of all the blog search en­gines I have tried, this is one of them. Paul Quer­na says that it’s bet­ter be­cause it doesn’t do tags. Uh, OK. Any­how, con­grat­s; now that this tri­umph has been record­ed, maybe that will free up some Blog­lines cy­cles for fix­ing the ac­tu­al core of­fer­ing that makes them in­ter­est­ing, that mil­lions of peo­ple use to cruise the bl­o­go­sphere, that I used to rec­om­mend to ev­ery­one, and that Sam Ru­by just broke again? I would re­al­ly like to be a friend of Blog­li­nes.
Innovation Happens Elsewhere · Tan­tek Çelik writes, on the sub­ject of work by Scott Rey­nen: “Companies take note - on the in­ter­net, there will al­ways be smarter, more clever peo­ple build­ing on each other's work than your se­cret in­ter­nal com­mit­tees, your ar­chi­tec­ture coun­cil­s, your in­ter­nal dis­cus­sion fo­rums — no mat­ter how many su­per­ge­nius­es you think you may have hired away and locked up with gold­en shack­les in your lab­s. Either play open or ex­pect your pro­pri­etary for­mats and pro­to­cols to be ob­so­lete be­fore they've even seen the light of day.” [Up­date: It’s been point­ed out to me that some might not rec­og­nize the ti­tle, which was orig­i­nal­ly ut­tered by Bill Joy and is al­so the ti­tle of a book by Gold­man and Gabriel.]
Credit 2.0™ Where It’s Due · James Gover­nor grum­bled at me about re­peat­ed­ly cred­it­ing Hal Stern for the “Web 2.0 = Write­able Web” meme, specif­i­cal­ly point­ing out Read­/Write Web by Rich McManus (which is ex­cel­len­t). He’s got a point, but if we’re go­ing to start down that road, we’ll end up with Tim Berners-Lee, who has re­peat­ed­ly made it clear that he al­ways thought of the Web as a place to write, not just read. And if we’re go­ing to talk about prac­tice not the­o­ry, you’d end up look­ing at Dave Win­er, who pushed RSS in everyone’s face and, more im­por­tan­t, proved that a fast-writing ornery geek could gath­er an au­di­ence and wield in­flu­ence by, you know, do­ing it. And as a geek my­self, I’ve al­ways liked James Snell’s chmod 777 web. Un­til this min­ute, I’d thought Hal was the first to nail the 2.0 con­nec­tion; but now I think that James got there first (May vs. Oc­to­ber 2005).
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