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Atom Newsreel · I’ve been ac­cu­mu­lat­ing things Atom­ic to write about for a while, so here goes. Item: You’ll be able to blog from in­side Mi­crosoft Word 2007 via the Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col. Item: Sam Ru­by has wran­gled Plan­et to the point where it han­dles Atom 1.0 prop­er­ly. Item: Along the way, Sam re­port­ed a com­mon bug in Atom 1.0 han­dling, and his com­ments show it be­ing fixed all over (Plan­et, MSN, and Google Read­er, but not Blog­lines of course); the Kei­th ref­er­ence in Sam’s ti­tle is to this. [Up­date: Gor­don Weak­liem ex­tir­pates an­oth­er com­mon bug from the NewsGa­tor uni­verse.] Item: The Mov­able Type Feed Man­ag­er is based on James Snell’s pro­posed Thread­ing Ex­ten­sions to Atom 1.0; Byrne Reese seems to think that par­tic­u­lar ex­ten­sion is hot stuff. Item: Na­ture mag­a­zine is ex­tend­ing Atom 1.0 for their Open Text Min­ing In­ter­face. Item: The Google Da­ta APIs are old news now, but it looks like they’re do­ing Atom 1.0 and play­ing by the rules. Last Item: Over in the Atom Work­ing Group, we’re get­ting very close to declar­ing vic­to­ry and go­ing for IETF last call on the Pro­to­col doc­u­men­t.
FSS: Domestic Bliss · Fri­day Slide Scan #31 is a 1992 fire­side shot, with a can­dle and a se­cret added bonus ...
Shameless Hucksterism · They asked me to plug this SDN pro­mo on the Ul­tra 20 and, since I ac­tu­al­ly use one, it seems like a rea­son­able thing to do. I’m kind of out of touch with what work­sta­tions are sup­posed to cost, but un­less we’re charg­ing way too much, 35% off should be de­cen­t. And while I didn’t pay for mine, I can per­son­al­ly tes­ti­fy that these pup­pies are meat-grinders, it’s by a long shot the fastest per­son­al com­put­er that I’ve ev­er used. Mind you, it won’t en­hance the decor of your of­fice. And if you get one, take my ad­vice and run GNU/So­laris on it. [Up­date: Er, uh, there doesn’t seem to be any in­for­ma­tion be­hind that link on how you ac­tu­al­ly get the box, or what it cost­s. Blush. Will ask around and fill in­.]
What Matters · Let’s con­sid­er Flick­r, del.i­cio.us, and Tech­no­rati as canon­i­cal “Web 2.0” com­pa­nies. Let’s sup­pose that Flickr is pop­u­lar be­cause it’s a good way to or­ga­nize and pub­lish pic­tures, which is use­ful. And that del.i­cio.us is pop­u­lar be­cause it’s a good way to or­ga­nize and pub­lish links, which is use­ful. And that Tech­no­rati is pop­u­lar be­cause it’s a good way to find out what peo­ple are say­ing right now, which is use­ful. And let’s sup­pose that the facts that they all do tags and are fre­quent­ly de­scribed in sen­tences that in­clude the word “social”, just sup­pose those things are ephemer­al, and the suc­cess is about do­ing use­ful things for in­di­vid­u­al­s. How old-fashioned. Every day that goes by I be­lieve more and more that the on­ly im­por­tant new thing is that the Net is read-write. Every­thing that mat­ters fol­lows from that.
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