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Network Too Slow? · I’m em­bed­ded at the Mother­ship here in Sil­ly Val­ley all week, and among oth­er things, heard about a prod­uct I nev­er dreamed ex­ist­ed. Check it out: the IB Switch 9p; it’s a nine-port In­fini­band switch, non-blocking even, each port up to 30Gbs and no, that’s not a mis­print. Why nine, I won­der? My poor lit­tle mind bog­gles at the thought of what you could do with a rack full of ei­ther Opterons or T2000s, maxed out on mem­o­ry and wired up with one of these things. To­day, store.­sun.­com says one of these pup­pies will set you back $8,500; I imag­ine that in a decade, there’ll be one in your wrist­watch to han­dle your per­son­al teleme­try.
MARS · Eek! A new acronym! Some­thing our pro­fes­sion prob­a­bly can do with­out, and (blush) I seem to have in­vent­ed it. I have to say, though, the T-Shirt is OK. [Later...] And thus a micro-meme: MADD (and from its com­ments APPS, MADR); MAUDE (com­ments: FIDPAM, with none oth­er than Mårten Mick­os propos­ing MARTEN); WASTE; HATE; and PAID (where the com­ments are out­ta con­trol, I tell ya, out­ta con­trol: LAPD (“It Beats All The Other Frameworks”), MAID, PADL, RADKAWNP, POWNED, GLAPOD, “we're all gonna get Lin­ux, Apache, In­ter­net, Django!”, PDL, and PADD). I think it’s time to put a stop to this.
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