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Linuxfest · I agreed to speak at Lin­uxfest North­west and so drove down to Belling­ham and back to­day. It’s about an hour, ex­cept for this Satur­day morn­ing it seemed like ev­ery oth­er Cana­di­an had that U.S. urge so I sat for 90 min­utes in a line of cars at the bor­der. Any­how, the event was ter­ri­fic. Si­mon Phipps has writ­ten elo­quent­ly of mar­ket­ing val­ues leech­ing the life out of some Lin­ux events; but not this one ...
The Rails Lesson · Over at Geertjan’s blog, The Best Fea­ture Of The Up­com­ing NetBeans IDE 5.5 is the strongest ev­i­dence I’ve seen that the main­stream Ja­va uni­verse is re­al­ly pay­ing at­ten­tion to that lesson. Sure, over at the ex­cel­lent Aquar­i­um, you can read about how they’re slav­ing away in the en­gine room try­ing to make Ja­va EE.next sim­pler and sim­pler and yet sim­pler. But I haven’t been con­vinced that they’ve got to a place yet where they’re go­ing to win lots of con­verts from PHP and Rail­s. But this GlassFish+IDE com­bo is re­al­ly com­ing along: in Geertjan’s ex­am­ple, he makes what looks like a ba­sic CRUD app with no cod­ing and no file edit­ing. In par­tic­u­lar, it looks like they’re get­ting close to Rails lev­els of DRY (“Don’t Re­peat Yourself”). Geert­jan skips light­ly over the database-selection wiz­ard; I won­der how much more than “use these tables” it need­s? [Up­date: He fol­lows up with the de­tail­s.] And the Rails peo­ple will be ask­ing “What is this ‘Deploy’ of which you speak?” But stil­l, we’re in in­ter­est­ing ter­ri­to­ry. [Up­date: Not ten min­utes af­ter writ­ing this, I ran across Ja­va web frame­works - the Rails in­flu­ence, which in turn led me to the (ex­cel­len­t, al­beit in PDF) Ja­va Web Frame­works Sweet Spots. Did I say “interesting territory”? In­ter­est­ing times, too.] [Up­date: It turns out that the in­fras­truc­ture Geert­jan showed off was by Pav­el Buzek, who writes about the pro­cess and seems like a Ma­jor Force for Good. It’s guys like him who are go­ing to cost Ber­lind the price of a nice din­ner.]
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