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Jacobs, Pictures, Spartans · Jane Ja­cobs died; the city I live in, Van­cou­ver, is pret­ty solid­ly Ja­cob­sian both in its cur­rent shape and its plan­ning dog­ma. By choos­ing to live here I’m em­pir­i­cal­ly a fan. Oddly, few have re­marked how great Ja­cobs looked; her face com­mand­ed the eye. Which leads me Alex Waterhouse-Hayward’s won­der­ful Jane Ja­cobs & Vive­ca Lind­fors; sur­pris­ing por­traits and thoughts on dec­o­ra­tion. W-H’s blog has be­come one of on­ly two or three that I stab at ex­cit­ed­ly when­ev­er I see some­thing new. For ex­am­ple, see Sex Crimes, Homi­cide and Drugs and yes, that’s what it’s about. Stay­ing with the death-and-betrayal the­me, and ap­par­ent­ly (but not re­al­ly) shift­ing back 2½ mil­len­ni­a, see John Cowan’s The War (after Si­monides), be­ing care­ful to look close­ly at the links. I’ve writ­ten about those same wars.
NBA Playoffs · Been too busy, hard­ly watched any regular-season games, so all the teams are more or less new to me. I’m re­al­ly en­joy­ing the TNT cov­er­age of the Lak­ers and Sun­s; can’t see the Lak­ers get­ting out of this se­ries even though they’re (just) hold­ing on to a Game 2 lead. Of the teams I’ve seen, my mon­ey would be on the Sun­s. Any­how, TNT is be­ing fair­ly free with their cam­era an­gles, us­ing the floor-level shot to par­tic­u­lar­ly good ef­fec­t. And—goodness gra­cious me—is that a Phil Glass sound­track on the Tylenol ad?!? The mind bog­gles. What nex­t... John Cage for Nyquil? Ce­cil Tay­lor for Pep­si?
Scott · I’ve been watch­ing our in­ter­nal lead­er­ship con­fer­ence and spend­ing quite a bit of time talk­ing in the vir­tu­al hall­ways, and I’ve been sur­prised at the in­ten­si­ty of feel­ing about Mr. McNealy. Yes, there are those here say­ing “About bloody time, now we can make some progress” but there’s a much big­ger group that is gen­uine­ly emo­tion­al about this tran­si­tion. Maybe it’s a func­tion of se­nior­i­ty: I nev­er met nor cor­re­spond­ed with Scot­t, and he hasn’t been much of a pres­ence in the company’s con­ver­sa­tion in the time I’ve been here. But there are a lot of smart, sea­soned, un­sen­ti­men­tal peo­ple mak­ing it clear that he’s been a ma­jor force in their lives, at a more per­son­al lev­el than I’m used to hear­ing when peo­ple speak about ex­ec­u­tives. I guess al­so that to a lot of peo­ple, Sun’s vi­sion, for which Scott gets some of the cred­it, was a rad­i­cal and won­der­ful thing. I first used Unix in 1979 and quit a nice big-company job to be­come a VAX-bsd sysad­min in 1983, so I’ve al­ways kind of lived in­side that vi­sion. But I’ll tell you one thing, what I’ve been hear­ing the last cou­ple of days makes me re­al­ly re­gret that I didn’t get to know Scot­t.
Spring in White on White · Most peo­ple would gen­er­al­ly pre­fer a cli­mate where it’s bright and warm most of the time. But for Cana­di­ans and oth­ers who live where it’s not, there are com­pen­sa­tion­s, and one is the ex­pe­ri­ence of spring. I have a pic­ture ...
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