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Atomic Monday · First of al­l, im­ple­men­tors of any­thing Atom-related need to spend some time chez Jac­ques Distler; in par­tic­u­lar, the con­ver­sa­tion that plays out in the com­ments. Se­cond, there’s this piece of soft­ware called Plan­et Plan­et that al­lows you to make an ag­gre­gate web page by read­ing lots of feed­s; for ex­am­ple, see Plan­et Apache or Plan­et Sun. Sam Ru­by de­cid­ed that its Atom sup­port need­ed some work, so he did it. Now, here’s the ex­cit­ing part: he pinged me over the week­end and said “Hey, look at this” want­ing to show me his cleverly-Atomized Plan­et In­ter­twing­ly feed. I looked at it in NetNewsWire and was puz­zled for a mo­men­t; some but not all of the things in the feed were high­light­ed as un­read, even though this was the first time I’d seen it. Then the light went on. This is Atom do­ing ex­act­ly what we went to all that trou­ble to make it do. NetNewsWire has good Atom sup­port and, be­cause Atom en­tries all have unique IDs and times­tamp­s, it can tell that it’s seen lots of those en­tries be­fore in oth­er feeds that I sub­scribe to. That’s how I found Jacques’ piece. This is huge; any­one who us­es syn­thet­ic or ag­gre­gat­ed feeds knows that dupes are a big prob­lem, show­ing up all over the place. No longer, Atom makes that prob­lem go away.
The Transition Explained · It’s not that com­pli­cat­ed, re­al­ly. Blog­gers are tak­ing over the world. Re­sis­tance is fu­tile; you will be as­sim­i­lat­ed.
5✭♫: One More Cup of Coffee · I’m not re­al­ly a Bob Dy­lan fan. A voice like that, and a tune­smithing tal­ent like that, come along on­ly a few times per cen­tu­ry, but he’s still kind of ir­ri­tat­ing. That aside, the song One More Cup of Cof­fee, from the 1976 al­bum De­sire, can’t be ig­nored; won­der­ful tune, won­der­ful or­ches­tra­tion, won­der­ful per­for­mance. (“5✭♫” se­ries in­tro­duc­tion here; with an ex­pla­na­tion of why the ti­tle may look bro­ken.) ...
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