Last weekend, Lauren felt like cooking up home-made Easter eggs, so the shopping list included “chocolate chips (large bag)”. I was heading down the bulk-foods aisle and realized one of the vertical acrylic bins was full of them. Someone had been sloppy, and there was a little heap of chocolate chips on the shelf underneath it. For a second, I flashed into pure eight-year-old mode, thinking “Holy cow, there’s a whole bin full of chocolate chips, and more just lying there!” I popped a few in my mouth and they were excellent; semi-sweet, dark, strong, and firm. I was still in the state that Buddhists don’t mean when they say “Child’s Mind”, thinking “I can get as many as I want!” The list did say “large bag” after all, so I put a bag under the spout and gleefully jammed the lever all the way over. At home, Lauren said “You went overboard, a bit, didn’t you?” and now we have a plastic canister-full in the pantry which should last us into 2007. It’s a good feeling.

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April 22, 2006
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