Hey, this is cool; it’s a little doo-hickey that draws pie charts and graphs of what you’ve got on your disk. I wonder on what set of hardware/OS combinations the web-start Just Works like it did on my Mac? The pie-charts of my life were so cool I had to publish a few. And I turned up a real problem, too.

It took well over five minutes to crawl through my home directory, which I guess isn’t too bad for 35G.

Tim’s home directory via JDiskReport

If you click on the shattered-pie-chart glyph at the bottom, you get this, you can mouse-over the picture to get the details.

Tim’s home directory via JDiskReport, detail

Let’s drill down a little. I wonder if I’m going to be able to go on carrying around every picture I’ve ever taken?

Tim’s picture directory via JDiskReport

The Music listing surprised me; I’d have thought the biggest chunks would be Bach and Ry Cooder. But then I realised that I ripped a lot of that stuff to MP3 not lossless, back before I got smart. Since I listen mostly on the plane, no biggie I suppose.

Tim’s music directory via JDiskReport

How about the miserable publication you are now reading?

Tim’s ongoing directory via JDiskReport

Yes, well, I do have compressed versions of every logfile since the dawn of ongoing time. “Write” is where I, you know, write; the source code if you will, two-thirds of a gig so far. Yow, a check on the production version over at tbray.org shows only 542M, that’s a 100M of stuff that I wrote or captured but never published. See, it could be worse.

Let’s check out some of the detail listings. What are the largest files I have?

Biggest files in Tim’s directory, via JDiskReport

So, my inbox is the biggest single object. Reasonable, I suppose... hold on a dag-blaggin’ second. Last-modified March 2004? That’s my old Mozilla mail directory; I haven’t used it since I joined Sun and discovered Mail.app would talk to our IMAP servers. Well, kiss that puppy goodbye.

That half-gig data.db2.x.... thingie? Yep, the second line is Second Life, the cache I guess; and I hardly ever play. Yow.

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March 31, 2006
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