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Blue Balls · Magnificent Internet silliness!
Cardiobonara · We were driving home talking about what to have for dinner, when Lauren said “How about Penne Carbonara?” I knew that this was some kind of pasta sauce, but somehow I’d never actually had any. Well, there are cookbooks. My goodness gracious: I thought that America had seized world leadership in the art and science of coating the insides of your arteries with fatty, greasy, substances; but I see that the Italians are still the masters. First, you cut up a third of a package of bacon and cook it in olive oil. Then you’ve got four eggs, considerable butter, some cream, and a bunch of grated Parmesan. Cook ’em up in just the right order, toss the pasta in it, and apply great lashings of fresh-ground black pepper. I had lots of red wine in the faint hope that it would mitigate the arterial damage. With apologies to all the observant vegan Jews and Muslims among my readership, I have to say it tasted damn good. [Update: I really have to write that commenting system. Now up to four seven eight smart carbonariferous replies. Also, check out the Wikipedia on Carbonara, also the Wiki Cookbook, and especially the Cookbook’s discussion page]. ...
Styles: Beyond WS and REST · There’s been a recent mini-flurry around REST and alleged subsets such as “Lo-REST” and “Hi-REST”. Initiator: Don Box. Responses: Obasanjo, Jonnay, Glazkov, Megginson, and Tomayko. My thanks to all of them for keeping this stuff in the front of my mind. I’m not sure that “Web Services” and “REST” are useful names for the interesting network-application styles. But I’m pretty sure I know what those styles are ...
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