Gosh, I missed my anniversary a week back. I stand by pretty well everything I said this time last year. The things I’m trying to convince Sun to do now are much harder than turning on blogging, so it’s more painful and slower and sometimes I spend a whole day in a bad mood. But I’m not giving up, no no no. I’ve gotten emotionally engaged, this company still has some moss on the sides and some grit in the gears, but with a little more shaking out and scrubbing down, has the potential to be great again, and it’s worth trying. Here’s one reason: Right now, I don’t think anyone really knows how software developers are going to be going about their business in five years. In some respects a moment of unusual clarity, because we know that we don’t know. Here’s something cool: two or three times in the last few months, I’ve talked to someone here who wanted to do something about something, and I’ve said “You need to talk to...” and introduced them to someone else here that they hadn’t known.

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March 22, 2006
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