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Dinosaur Loyalty · I recently upgraded to the 2.1 beta of NetNewsWire, and it’s kind of cruel software. In your subscription list, it classifies feeds that haven’t been posted to for a long time as “dinosaurs” and colours them brown. It’s kind of sad: Adam Bosworth, Pat Chanezon, John Cowan, Jonathon Delacour, Michael Klassen, Mark Pilgrim, Rattlesnake, Cynthia Webb, Frank Wierzbicki, Xanada, JZ’s Apartness, BZimmer, voices gone quiet. Well, I’m loyal, I’m still subscribed to the ones that aren’t out-&-out gone. And there’s good news: half-a-dozen dinosaurs turned out still to be there, their feeds had moved or morphed when I wasn’t looking. But for most of them, when I visited the new digs I realised that I’d gone months without them and it hadn’t hurt too much so I just erased them. With the exception of Bram Cohen and Brad DeLong. [Update: John Cowan’s back!]
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