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Atom as a Case Study · This is adapt­ed from my talk of the same name at ETech 2006. The talk’s sec­tions were en­ti­tled Why?, How?, What?, and Les­son­s?; I’ve left out What?, the de­scrip­tion of what Atom is, since we’ve had plen­ty of that around here. That leaves Why we built it, How we built it, and what Les­sons you might want take away from the ex­pe­ri­ence ...
Hypocrisy · Maybe in an ide­al world We’d All Just Get Along and there wouldn’t be at­tack blog­ger­s, but that’s not where we live, and if we have to have at­tack blog­gers I think we should have good ones. My fave is Bill­mon, and he’s just fired off one of the best take-downs ev­er.
Them Changes · Good­ness gra­cious, I go off to Saskatchewan for a few days, and when I come back, Don Box has come out as a (Lo-)Restafarian, Gartner’s WS-* faith is wa­ver­ing, and David Heine­meier Hans­son is now an Atom evan­ge­list. I ought to spend more time on the Prairies.
Jon and the Minotaur · Jon Bosak (fa­ther of XML, ter­rif­ic pho­tog­ra­pher, good per­son, etc.) was in Van­cou­ver for some meet­ings hav­ing to do with UBL (and be warned, there’s go­ing to be some more UBL tub-thumping around here), and en­coun­tered a mon­ster ...
Pink to the Max · As not­ed else­where to­day, we vis­it­ed the UBC Botan­i­cal Gar­den, and on­ly the ear­ly rhodo­den­drons and a few mag­no­lias were in bloom. I didn’t get any good rho­do shot­s, but with mag­no­lias you can’t mis­s. If ex­treme den­si­ties of the colour pink both­er you, please stay away; but these are some aw­ful­ly great-looking flow­er­s ...
Sleeping Giants · Via Dave Le­men, a rather beau­ti­ful an­i­mat­ed pho­to es­say on the Ko­dak site.
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