On Friday morning I flew down to Portland, drove to Salem, and helped out with a Sun sales presentation to the state government from 10AM to 5PM. I don’t get to do many sales calls which is a pity because I love them. I probably shouldn’t queer the pitch by going into details (I will if we get the business, because it’s interesting), but I have to say that the state-government people we were pitching to had smart questions and were endearingly obsessive about the application; and I would be too in their position, it’s one of the Things That Matters. I flew home out of PDX that same evening and damn was I tired. But the State Capitol is worth looking at, so I took a couple of pictures.

It was all built in the 1930s in lovely white marble, in a style that is really not trying to be Westminster or Versailles or DC, the lines are clean and look good against a grey sky, which you get a lot of the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon state government buildings in Salem against a grey sky

The Capitol building itself has a central tower with uplifting humanist homilies chiseled into the broad faces of white marble. Nice inside too, no in-your-face security, very welcoming.

Then, up on top of that white tower, there’s this Big Gold Guy, officially the Oregon Capitol Pioneer. It turns that you can read about Gilding Oregon Capitol Pioneer (cool site, and I like this one) and I got two pictures, one each against blue sky and grey.

Oregon Capitol Pioneer statue
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Oregon Capitol Pioneer statue

Which do you like?

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