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Picture of a Switchblade · My fa­vorite pho­tog­ra­pher, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, has launched a blog, and very beau­ti­ful it is. Alex is a writer, too; con­sid­er Nicolás Guillén and the Switch­blade, from whence: “You will need this sevil­lana (switch­blade) and so that it will open swift­ly I am giv­ing you this lit­tle bot­tle of whale oil. Whale oil is the best... ”
Elena · Last week I wrote love your chil­dren, point­ing to a ter­ri­bly sad sto­ry. Daniel, the fa­ther of the lit­tle girl who died, has been writ­ing ex­traor­di­nary, gut-wrenching stuff since then, but not with­out splash­es of sun­shine. I’ve been read­ing it and mean­ing to write here again say­ing “Read this!” and then to­day Daniel reached out of the com­put­er and touched me and I just lost it for a while there this af­ter­noon. I may be emo­tion­al­ly wrecked but I can’t help think­ing: TV can’t do this. News­pa­pers can’t do this. Magazines can’t do this. This is sor­row and grace shared with the world: doesn’t mat­ter who reads it, be­cause what mat­ters is that he wrote it. Elena’s short sto­ry may well live, in­so­far as sto­ries do, forever.
Free Computers (ouch!) · If you fol­low Jonathan Schwartz, you will have ob­served a lit­tle flur­ry around our of­fer of free-trial (and maybe free-for-keeps) T2000 server­s. If you read the com­ments, it’s be­come ap­par­ent that our sys­tems for sup­port­ing this kind of mar­ket­ing pro­mo­tion, uh, need some work. I’m re­al­ly glad that Jonathan did this, be­cause I know from bit­ter ex­pe­ri­ence how bad we are at of­fer­ing hard­ware free­bies, and this will force us to fix it. Par­tic­u­lar­ly right at the mo­men­t, it seems to me a no-brainer that scat­ter­ing a few of our Opteron and Ni­a­gara box­es in the di­rec­tion of some wor­thy OSS projects and start­up com­pa­nies would be about the most cost-effective mar­ket­ing imag­in­able. On lots of oc­ca­sions I’ve gone run­ning ex­cit­ed­ly to the prod­uct groups say­ing “Hey, it would be re­al­ly great if we could get XXX a serv­er to try out!” and the re­ac­tion is along the lines of “Well yeah, but how would we do that?” It turns out that when you’re a big pub­lic com­pa­ny, if you have a de­fined pro­cess in place for do­ing some­thing, it’s easy and ef­fi­cien­t, and if you don’t, you’re in SNAFU ter­ri­to­ry. Lots of oth­er good stuff in those com­ments too, check them out. In par­tic­u­lar, I hap­pen to know that Wikipedia al­ready has one of the free-trial T2000 box­es, and that’s a very in­ter­est­ing ap­pli­ca­tion, so we’re go­ing to work with them see how fast we can make it run on that box. Sun is full of Wikipedia fan­s.
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