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Jemplate · Some­one named “Ingy döt Net” (who turns out for­mer­ly to have been Bri­an Inger­son of Perl and YAML fame) wrote me in re­sponse to that AJAX Up­side piece, point­ing to Jem­plate — A Tem­plate Toolk­it for Javascript. It looks pro­found­ly clev­er. Hold on... Ingy is legal­ly chang­ing his name to his do­main name. Wel­l, OK then. [Up­date: Jere­my Dunk writes to point at the TrimPath JavaScript Tem­plates en­gine].
NetBeans RFEs · What hap­pened was, I got coder’s block; fac­ing an icky part of my Si­grid/Zep­pelin side-project, I pro­cras­ti­nat­ed for weeks be­cause all of a sud­den ev­ery­thing else be­came more in­ter­est­ing. Wel­l, I’m sup­posed to talk about it at Ja­va One and I’ve refac­tored large parts of it to the point where it doesn’t work any more. So I’ve in­creas­ing­ly been spend­ing my time slav­ing over a hot NetBeans 5.0. There is ab­so­lute­ly no bet­ter way to find out the truth about soft­ware than ac­tu­al­ly us­ing it to get re­al work done. Note: I’m do­ing all-POJO low-level in­fras­truc­ture, so I don’t know the first thing about JSF’s and Lay­outs and Web Ser­vices and all that stuff. Hav­ing said that, for what I’m do­ing, NB5.0 is fuck­ing good soft­ware. Among oth­er things, it’s re­al­ly re­al­ly fast on my Pow­erBook, and speed is a fea­ture (although to get the most out of it you need a big­ger screen). Yes, the Ul­tra 20 is faster on com­piles, but I’m hav­ing trou­ble get­ting it on VPN so it can talk to CVS, and for in­ter­ac­tive on-screen work, the dif­fer­ence isn’t sig­nif­i­can­t. Any­how, I’m keep­ing a run­ning RFE list; for those not in the soft­ware biz, that stands for Re­quest For En­hance­men­t; they arise when a cus­tomer says “Your stupid soft­ware is bro­ken, it should do X” and some hard-ass man­ag­er with his eye on the ship date says “That’s not a bug, it’s an RFE.” If I were a Good NetBeans Ci­ti­zen I would go find the right web forms and sub­mit bugs and RFEs and so on, and maybe I will. But right now I’m in a hur­ry and (mua­ha­ha­ha) I’m a blog­ger! So I’ll just use this post as a place to track ’em. The rest of this is on­ly of in­ter­est to IDE in­ter­face geeks and NetBeans pha­nat­ic­s ...
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