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InfoWorld Goes Off the Rails · I got this email, sub­ject “Enterprise Serv­er Spotlight”, that was sor­ta kin­da from In­foWorld, and it took me to a Web page that was sor­ta kin­da In­foWorld, and the whole se­quence was very dis­turbing. [Up­date: In­foWorld re­spond­s; “Never as­cribe to malice...” as the say­ing goes.] ...
Un-Fascist Business · I ran across this Dow-Jones sto­ry en­ti­tled Dis­si­dent XM Satel­lite di­rec­tor a good role mod­el; it’s about a Board-level dis­pute at XM Satel­lite Ra­dio. The ar­gu­ment is sim­ple and straight­for­ward: whether they should fo­cus on costs and prof­itabil­i­ty, or go all-out for growth; the right an­swer isn’t ob­vi­ous. Lots of busi­ness­es have had this kind of ar­gu­men­t; I’ve been in a few my­self. What’s unique here is that they’re hav­ing it out in the open. In my two decades in busi­ness, I’ve seen a whole lot of man­age­ment (some­times Board-level) ar­gu­ments, and the more im­por­tant they are and the hard­er the prob­lem is, the more fa­nat­i­cal­ly de­ter­mined peo­ple were to keep things se­cret. For most of my life­time, the dom­i­nant school of man­age­ment thought has held that the com­pa­ny must present a cheer­ful, unit­ed, con­fi­dent face to the world and speak al­ways with one voice and on­ly one voice. I think a rea­son­able case can be made that this think­ing is, in its es­sen­tial char­ac­ter­is­tic­s, Fas­cist. It al­so strikes me as re­al­ly, re­al­ly dum­b. How could any­one think the less of XM Ra­dio be­cause we know they’re ag­o­niz­ing over profitability-vs-growth? Un­less the is­sue is some­thing like “Oops, the new prod­uct is caus­ing users to de­vel­op liv­er cancer”, I think that in gen­er­al busi­ness­es would ben­e­fit from work­ing on their hard prob­lems a lit­tle more trans­par­ent­ly.
OSBC Pix · I un­load­ed the pix from cam­era and there were a cou­ple from the OSBC trip last week, which gives me an ex­cuse to say a cou­ple more words about the con­fer­ence, Mi­crosoft, and copy­blog­ging ...
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